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Selling Your Home

It's essential to work with experienced REALTORS® when selling your most valuable asset. Selling your home is a complex process that takes preparation, organization, professional marketing and market knowledge. Our team will be available to you for advice and guidance each step of the way!

We provide an in-depth market analysis to develop fundamental pricing strategies and in-person consultations to walk you through the process you can expect and how our team will make your home stand out in a cluttered market. We offer professional staging, video/drone, photography (no cell phone pics here) and professionally measured. We check with municipal, regional and provincial resources and review them with lawyers to ensure that we are armed with information to bring additional value to potential buyers. The goal is to attract as many buyers as possible within a short period to make an offer. Using our knowledge and strong negotiation skill, we can get an edge at the final stage of the selling process to net you as much money from the transaction as possible.

Therefore, why choose a Realtor® when you can hire a team of REALTORS® to provide a complete service package with a marketing plan of action that will get your home sold for the best price? 

As mentioned, selling a home is an intensely complex process; it can be very challenging for a Realtor® to handle every aspect and multiple properties simultaneously. When you hire a team of REALTORS®, you have no additional fees or costs. However, it does provide you with double the attention towards successfully selling your home and making sure all of your real estate needs are complete.

Please tell us about the property you want to sell using the form below or by contacting us directly. Let's get started!

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